“ Highest Possible Quality And Service Standard. ”

Partnership is a key driving force in everything that Tanka Mechanic does. We strive to establish long term relationships with our customers, engineering firms, suppliers and representatives. We value these relationships and consider them our most important assets.

Our Services

Water Steatment Systems

TANKA MECHANIC offers designing, installation, operations and maintenance for best possible quality, reliable, efficient and built to last raw water treatment systems to our client’s specific

Fire Fighting Systems

Compliance with regional regulations using solutions specific to the industry. Different building situations, combined with different regional regulations require specific solutions

High Flow Systems

TANKA MECHANIC provides a range of pumping solutions with high flow capacity to move your water wherever you want.

Construction Services

TANKA MECHANIC provides design and construction of concrete and steel structures for civilian and military bodies.

Pipe Works

TANKA MECHANIC designs and installs long and short distance, urban and interurban pipelines to transport every type of water.

O & M Services

TANKA MECHANIC provides operation and maintenance services which is guided by mutual alignment with client's business objectives.