Our Values

Partnership is a key driving force in everything that Tanka Mechanic does. We strive to establish long term relationships with our customers, engineering firms, suppliers and representatives. We value these relationships and consider them our most important assets.

Tanka Mechanic has been in business since 2004. It was founded with a vision to create a company that could solve many of the world’s most difficult environmental problems relating to water treatment, re-use, wastewater, fire-fighting and lift station solutions.

Through significant investments in developing water and wastewater technologies and fire fighting systems.Tanka Mechanic is able to offer state of the art water and wastewater treatment capabilities that can be found in lops of applications around the world.

Our staff includes talented engineers, technologists and seasoned managers. Our capabilities range from evaluating environmental water problems, designing water treatment solutions and manufacturing wastewater systems, to commissioning water and wastewater equipment in the field.

We are focused on water and wastewater treatment solutions and we specialize in designing water and wastewater treatment plants and equipment that are compact, energy efficient, reliable and simple to operate.

With lots of water and wastewater systems built for customers worldwide, Tanka Mechanic has established a reputation for design, engineering and manufacturing excellence.

Our vision and values focus on constant innovation striving to deliver advanced filtration solutions which provide Return On Invesment (ROI) while protecting the enviroment.

Energy, like water, is a precious resource. All our systems are designed to use minimal energy, some even solely throught water pressure.

Our systems are designed to handle big jobs in small areas, freeing up valuable space in crowded urban and limited production areas. Systems can also be installed underground.

Our commitment to quality, reliability, efficiency, and dedicated customer service ensure that end users can focus on production, not filtration.

Conserving water is an integral part of all our systems. Our self cleaning systems utilize minimal amount of back flush water, ensuring clean water can be used for production.

Our Systems are designed to perform and built to last. Low maintenance means high confidence, which allows our customers to focus on their core business.

Our systems yield proven return on invesment. Clean water enhances the production proces and protects infrastructure, such as pipes, machinery, valves, emitters and ultra-fine filters.

We consider ecology along with economics. Our systems deliver clean water with clean technology.

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